Hyslop Comments on Armadale Fire

Friday, 28th October

Last night at 7.13pm a fire broke out in an Armadale House, two young boys, aged 13 and 11 called the Fire Brigade and then went inside the house to rescue a four year old boy.
All three boys are in hospital being treated for smoke inhalation, one for burns on his leg.

Fiona Hyslop MSP for Linlithgow Constituency made these comments when speaking to Forth 1 radio this morning:

“This is a remarkable story, that these two boys put themselves in jeopardy to rescue a four year old boy, their actions showed extreme bravery and they reacted to save a life.

“I think the parents and families of these boys must be extremely proud. It was very risky, I hope they are recovering well and I am pleased they have recognition for their bravery.”