Hyslop Congratulates Most Dedicated Science Club

Hyslop Congratulates Broxburn STEM Group UK Champions

Local MSP, Fiona Hyslop has written to congratulate a group of Broxburn Acadmey pupils who have been officially recognised the Most Dedicated Science Club in the UK after winning the most recent STEM Challenge 9.

On hearing the news, Fiona said;

“I am so pleased to hear that Broxburn Academy have been named The Most Dedicated Science Club in the UK – this is an enormous achievement.

“I visited the school to meet with the pupils when they came 3rd in last year’s competition and invited them to the Parliament when they came first in this year’s competition, so I am hugely supportive and proud of the work they staff and pupils are doing.

“During their visit to the Parliament last month, the group also met the First Minister who engaged them in discussion about their Olympic/Paralympic Torch Challenge and he asked them to put their minds to the Commonwealth Baton for 2014.

“Scotland as a whole is a hugely creative and innovative nation and so it is great to see such a high level of interest and ambition for digital creativity from the pupils at Broxburn Academy and well done to them for putting Broxburn on the map.”