Hyslop Encourages Glow as West Lothian Schools Overcome Snow

Friday, 3rd December

Fiona Hyslop MSP for Lothians has praised West Lothian Council for using GLOW websites to ensure pupils don’t miss out during the current winter weather.

Fiona said:

“In schools in West Lothian, head teachers have been arranging for updated GLOW
pages and posting work for pupils. The education Secretary has even singled out two Livingston based Schools as particularly good examples. (Carrondean Primary and St Margaret’s Academy.)

“While I understand that some schools are trying to reopen this week, the experts are predicting that this weather is set to continue.

“I am pleased that schools in West Lothian have been using GLOW to study from home and would encourage other schools in the area to embrace GLOW and other remote learning opportunities and what they can offer at times such as these when pupils cannot attend school.”

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