Hyslop Highlights broxburn Sports Club in Voluntary Sector Speech

Hyslop Highlights Broxburn Sports Club in Voluntary Sector Speech in Parliament

Local MSP Fiona Hyslop has spoken in Parliament this week (Tuesday 28th May) about the importance of the third sector in Scotland and made specific reference to Broxburn United Sports Club in West Lothian.

Fiona commented,

“The voluntary sector in West Lothian is hugely important to each and every community and I was pleased to highlight the Sports Club in Broxburn who have benefited from voluntary sector funding from the Bank of Scotland Foundation.”

In her speech, Fiona referenced the local sports club saying;

“I’m particularly pleased to note that, in my own constituency of Linlithgow, Broxburn United Sports Club has received over £13,000 from the (Bank of Scotland) Foundation in the last 2 years to improve facilities.

“Recognised as the main provider of youth activity in the area, the community impact of the Club is significant, with local police reporting a fall in antisocial behaviour.”