Hyslop Praises Local Newspaper in Parliament

Hyslop Praises Local Newspaper in Parliament

Fiona Hyslop; “Life would not the same without the Linlithgow Gazette”

During a debate on Media, Society and Democracy at the Scottish Parliament on May 14th, Linlithgow MSP, who was speaking in the debate on behalf of the Scottish Government praised her own local media, the Linlithgow Gazette.

Fiona said,

“In local newspaper week, I have to say that life would not be the same without a weekly read of the Linlithgow Gazette.

“I am committed to making sure that we seize the opportunity and promote continued public debate so that we can sustain and develop diverse media outlets that can generate positive engagement with politics, the Parliament and the important issues facing society, thereby ensuring that everyone has a voice in Scotland’s future.”


To read Fiona’s speech in its entirety, please see the below link to the Parliament’s Official Report: