Hyslop Raises Concerns Regarding Temporary St Michael’s Hospital Closure

Hyslop Raises Concerns Regarding Temporary St Michael’s Hospital Closure

Local Linlithgow Constituency MSP, Fiona Hyslop, has contacted the Chief Executive of NHS Lothian’s Health and Care Partnership to raise her concerns about the temporary closure of St Michael’s Hospital in Linlithgow.

Due to Covid related staffing pressures, the Health Board have agreed to transport patients currently residing at St Michael’s Hospital to Tippethill House in Armadale. This move is due to be reviewed in September following the arrival of hundreds of new nurses expected to join NHS Lothian.

Fiona commented,

“While I am understand that this temporary closure has been caused by staff illnesses related to Covid 19, I have contacted the Health Board’s Chief Executive to ask for a meeting to ensure this move is strictly temporary and not the first step in a strategy to remove hospital care for the elderly from Linlithgow.

“The town and the north of the county needs a nursing home for older people which is local to the community and easy to travel to for visitors, many of whom are elderly themselves.

“As well as asking for a meeting with NHS Lothian, I have requested further details regarding how many patients are affected and being moved, what staff numbers does this then release and what measures will be put in place to help those visiting Tippethill House who may not have access to their own transport, or may suffer from mobility issues themselves.”