Hyslop Urges Constituents to Apply for Self-Isolation Support Grant

Hyslop has urged constituents who face financial hardship due to being asked to self-isolate, to apply for a £500 self-isolation grant offered by the SNP Government.

The new Self-Isolation Support Grant will help people in West Lothian who face financial hardship and would lose income if they needed to self-isolate, such as those unable to work from home. The grant will be targeted at people who are in receipt of Universal Credit or legacy benefits, with some discretion to make awards to others in financial hardship.

Applications for the Self-Isolation Support Grant opened on 12th October and will be delivered through the existing Scottish Welfare Fund, which is administered by local authorities.

In her role as Fair Work Secretary, Hyslop has also encouraged employers, trades unions and workers to continue working together to reach the right decisions on all workplace issues that arise throughout the coronavirus outbreak and ensure workers are treated fairly.

Fiona commented:

“We know that self-isolation can be tough, but it is essential to protect people and reduce the spread of coronavirus. It’s essential that we do everything we can to support people throughout this challenging time.

“That is why the SNP Government has introduced this new £500 grant for people on low incomes who are doing the difficult but right thing and isolating when being asked to by Track and Trace.

“No one should feel under pressure to breach public health advice – employers must allow their staff to follow medical advice to self-isolate or isolate with their households, and workers should not be put at risk, nor should they put others at risk of infection.

“Additionally, employers should look to maintain jobs and pay their workers throughout this crisis, and to make use of Government support to achieve this.

“These payments will help ensure people in West Lothian do not have to make a choice between self-isolating and supporting themselves financially.

“Applications for this new benefit are now open, and I’d urge anyone in West Lothian who is facing a loss of income due to self-isolating to apply for it.”


Notes: https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-test-and-protect/pages/support-grants/