Hyslop Urges Labour Councillor to Meet with Pinewood Parents

Hyslop Urges Labour Councillor to Meet with Pinewood Parents

Local Constituency MSP, Fiona Hyslop is calling on Councillor Lawrence FitzPatrick, West Lothian Council’s Education Convenor, to meet with the parents of the children affected by proposed changes at Pinewood School .

Fiona said:

“The proposed changes at Pinewood have been very badly thought out and require far more time and far more attention. The children are the most important factor here and it is crucial that their personal needs are put at the forefront of this consultation.

“The parents are experts in their own right and understand the needs of their children better than anyone and I believe they should have a high level of involvement in shaping services in West Lothian, rather than be expected to defend their children in a poorly timed consultation.

“I will be at the meeting on Thursday in Blackburn to listen to the concerned parents. I would strongly urge Councillor Fitzpatrick to meet with representatives of the parents to work together and find a way forward and to provide more time for everyone to do so together, constructively and in the interests of the children.”