Hyslop Visits SAMH in Bathgate

Hyslop Visits SAMH in Bathgate

Local Constituency MSP has visited the SAMH Assisted Accommodation offices in Bathgate to hear about the experiences of service users and to meet some of the staff working with local people in Bathgate.

Following the visit, Fiona said;

“It was great to meet some of the SAMH service users in Bathgate today (Sept 25th) and hear from them how SAMH has been helping them work through their own personal issues.

“As well as assisting local people with their accommodation needs, the friendly and supportive staff are on hand to meet with service users and chat to them and to encourage and assist them to participate in any hobbies or interest they have.

“Even a small amount of communication with someone every day can make such a difference to those you suffering from anxiety and poor mental health. I would encourage anyone who had been thinking about seeking help, to contact the Bathgate SAMH Office on 01506 635581.”