Hyslop Visits Wester Inch site after flooding and calls for urgent investment


Hyslop Visits Wester Inch Site after Flooding and calls for urgent investment

Local Constituency MSP, Fiona Hyslop has called for the safety and security of her constituents to be the utmost priority following a visit to the flood affected site at Wester Inch.

On Sunday she spoke with affected residents and Peter Farrer Chief Operating Officer of Scottish Water who was there on site. She also attended the packed community meeting on the Sunday afternoon at Simpsons Primary School.

Fiona Hyslop commented:

“When I visited the site at the weekend I saw first hand the devastation and heartache this flooding has caused. It is essential that there is a permanent repair done and I will be demanding that Scottish Water treats this as an investment priority.

“Scottish Water gave a commitment that they will support and compensate residents and said that there will be a significantly improved service compared with the flooding situation in 2012. Peter Farrer said on Sunday that “this pipe is not fit for purpose” and Scottish Water agreed that it is extremely important that they take away any risk for residents for the future.

“I will be making sure that the Scottish Government Ministers are informed and in the immediate next few days we need to ensure there is no risk to the residents. I am aware that 25,000 other properties rely on accessing water from these pipes and are currently being supplied by other means but the situation may not be sustainable. It is essential that piece of mind, safety and security of Wester Inch residents is not jeopardised.

“It is also essential that basic accommodation and support is provided to my constituents many of whom have lost so much. To be flooded once was a dreadful experience, twice was devastating but a third time is completely unacceptable.

“It is vital for the safety and security of my constituents and their properties that this matter is given the priority it deserves.”