Hyslop Welcomes £57.2m Boost for NHS Lothian

Hyslop Welcomes £57.2m Boost for NHS Lothian

Local Linlithgow MSP, Fiona Hyslop has welcomed the announcement unveiled in the Scottish Government budget that health services across the Lothians will receive a £57.2m boost next year.

The inflation busting increase will see NHS Lothian funding increase of 4.1% year on year. The budget saw SNP Finance Secretary Derek Mackay increase total health and care funding by £729m, putting the future of the health service at the centre of the Scottish Government’s financial plan.

The Finance Secretary did however highlight the risk Brexit plays to this investment, with the potential for the Scottish Government to be forced to review the budget should the UK face a ‘No Deal’ scenario.

Fiona said;

“Our NHS is of great value and it is vital that it grows with our communities and remains fit for purpose for our future generations.

“I am delighted that the Finance Secretary, Derek MacKay has announced this £57.2m funding increase for NHS Lothian – this is a significant investment for our local health services.

“The risks of Brexit are looming around the corner however and so it is more important than ever that the UK Government does not force a ‘no deal’ approach onto the Scottish people and put our vital services at major risk.”



Budget Year 18/19 19/20 Increase £m %
NHS Lothian 1,384.30 1,441.50 57.2 4.1%