Hyslop Welcomes Announcement of Extended Funding for Scotland’s Bus Operators

Hyslop has welcomed an announcement that the SNP Government will further extend its funding support for Scotland’s bus operators.

Announced recently by Scotland’s Transport Secretary, the SNP Government will invest up to £52.6 million in maintaining Scotland’s bus services between November 2020 and January 2021.

This latest announcement is in addition to the £109.7 million in funding that the SNP Government has been providing since June to support bus services.

Bus travel typically accounts for just under three quarters of all public transport journeys. This funding is to cover the anticipated loss of fare-paying passenger revenue that operators will experience due to physical distancing and reduced carrying capacity during a period when more people would normally be travelling.

 Fiona commented:

‘The pandemic has been a tough time for us all, and this includes for bus operators in West Lothian, and across the whole of Scotland. The impact of physical distancing and reduced passengers has hit the industry hard.

‘Therefore, I very much welcome this further £52 million support from the Scottish Government – over and above the £109 million invested thus far to maintain bus services through the pandemic.

‘This extra funding should help alleviate some of the stress placed on bus operators during the pandemic.

 ‘While we must follow the latest guidance and walk or cycle where possible, I want to thank all our public transport operators and staff here in West Lothian, as well as the whole of Scotland, who have helped keep Scotland’s key workers moving in recent months.

‘The SNP Government will continue to work with passengers, businesses and bus operators to provide a safe and frequent bus network for those who need to make essential journeys.’