Hyslop Welcomes Announcement of Support for Spectator Sport in West Lothian

Spectator sports in West Lothian will receive a share of a £55million package announced by the SNP Scottish Government.

The support will help local teams cope with a difficult period where they have been unable to welcome fans to matches due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amongst the funding, £30m will go to football, £20m to rugby and £2.2m to ice hockey and rinks.

The money goes over and above what has been provided by the UK government in Barnett consequentials and means the SNP Scottish Government can provide the funds each sport needs.

Fiona Commented:

“I am delighted that the SNP Government has engaged with sporting bodies and have tailored a funding package to each sport. This has been a difficult time for many sports in West Lothian and this funding will provide vital financial support.

“Sport is an integral part of the lives of the people of West Lothian and I was contacted by several local Football Clubs seeking support in securing funding. I made direct contact with the Sports Minister on behalf of local Community Football Clubs to ensure he was fully aware of the difficulties they were facing and ensure that the appropriate targeted funding was made available to them.

“I hope this funding will help provide the much-needed support for sport clubs all over the country, and I would encourage all clubs in West Lothian to check if they’re eligible on the Scottish Government website.

“I would urge everyone in West Lothian to ensure we keep following guidelines and doing our best to suppress the virus. If we can all do that then we can eventually return to stadia and watch our local teams play.”



Full breakdown of the funding can be found here: https://www.gov.scot/news/emergency-funding-for-sport/