Hyslop Welcomes Announcement that Fees for Children Learning a Musical Instrument at School will be Removed

Local constituency MSP, Fiona Hyslop, welcomes news that fees for children learning a music instrument at school will be removed thanks to more than £7 million funding from the Scottish Government.

This funding covers the 2021-22 academic year and marks a further commitment from the first 100 days of this Scottish Government.

In West Lothian, the previous Labour led Council in 2018 introduced charges for individual music tuition and this led to a drop in the number of young people taking music lessons.

Fiona commented;

“Learning music can be life-changing for many young people and West Lothian has historically had a great tradition in music making in the county. It is essential that all young people receiving additional music tuition in schools can do so because of their talent and love of music and not be restricted by cost.’

“Instrumental music tuition is of key importance for children and young people in West Lothian, and I am pleased that funding has been introduced to scrap fees originally introduced by the Labour-led West Lothian Council.

“I fought for this commitment to be included in the SNP manifesto for the 2021 Scottish Parliament Election, and I am delighted the Scottish Government have implemented funding to allow access for all young people to a musical education.

“I know that the members of the Scottish Youth Parliament have fought for this, including our local MYSP of Linlithgow, Alice Ferguson who even gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament on the issue. Their hard work has paid off, and now local families in West Lothian will not encounter any charges for musical tuition.