Hyslop Welcomes Approval of The Scottish Government’s Independent Review on The 1984-85 Miners’ Strike

Hyslop has welcomed the Scottish Government Independent Review into policing during the miners’ strike.

The Independent Review of the 1984-85 miners’ strike aimed to provide an opportunity for those impacted by the strikes to share their views and have their experiences heard. The review demonstrates Scotland’s leadership and commitment to have those affected by the strikes to be heard.

A range of significant evidence was reviewed by the panel, including academic reports, Government files and powerful testimonies from those who experienced the strikes first hand.

The Scottish Government proudly announced today that, in principle, it accepts the recommendations outlined in the review to introduce legislation to collectively pardon the actions of miners in relation to the strike. Today’s statement marks the beginning of a new phase for the history of the miners’ strikes.

The review aims to change the legacy of this strike to one of reconciliation which recognises that at the time, the police were upholding the law and miners were protecting their jobs, way of life, and communities.

Fiona commented,

“Even though three decades has passed since the mining disputes, the wounds are still felt by those in mining communities like across my Constituency in West Lothian. I am delighted that those impacted by these strikes have had an opportunity to be heard.

“I am happy to have been part of the collective Cabinet decision to accept the recommendations of the report. It is an important position for Scotland to take.

“Truth and reconciliation are key qualities which the SNP Government aim to achieve. Although all the wrongs of this strike cannot be made right, today has been an important step in history to achieve reconciliation for those who lived in mining communities during the strikes.

“We stand by the miners in solidarity, in my Constituency in West Lothian and beyond.”


Notes: https://news.gov.scot/speeches-and-briefings/miners-strike-review-justice-secretary-update-to-parliament-28-october-2020