Hyslop Welcomes Funding Increase for School Attainment


Hyslop Welcomes Funding Increase for School Attainment

Local Constituency MSP Fiona Hyslop has welcomed the Scottish Government’s budget plans to increase the Schools Attainment Fund to £179m, with £120m for the Pupil Equity Fund.

This funding is targeted to improve the life chances and opportunities of young people who need it the most. It will prioritise improving literacy, numeracy and the health and wellbeing of children adversely affected by poverty in our local schools.

Fiona said;

“I am pleased that the Scottish Government has increased the Schools Attainment Fund to £179 million, with £120 million to be allocated to head teachers through the Pupil Equity Fund and a further £59 million set aside for targeted support.

“A number of schools in West Lothian have already benefited from £256,505 to close the poverty related attainment gap and over 4000 pupils have so far been allocated a share of the £5,052,000 Pupil Equity Funding for 2017/18.

“This funding will go some way to continue tackling the attainment gap in schools. It is vital that all our children get the best possible education and support and the best possible start in life, regardless what school they attend or where they live.”