Hyslop Welcomes Hospitality Training at Larder Cook School


Hyslop Welcomes Hospitality Training at Larder Cook School

Linlithgow Constituency MSP Fiona Hyslop and her colleague Hannah Bardell MP for Livingston have visited the Larder Cook School to see first-hand the work they do in re-engaging people and communities with food whilst also working as a social enterprise to help alleviate poverty.
All profits from the Cook School are reinvested into training and employability programmes.

Fiona commented;

“The Larder Cook School in Livingston is a bespoke cookery school that offers activities with adults and children and also engages with the community and schools to teach young people about food, cooking and offer valuable life skills.

“It is a great initiative to support younger people who want to work in the hospitality sector but have struggled to find work or maintain training. The initiative gets young people work ready and can offer them the skills necessary to seek work in the hospitality sector.

“As well as learning a new skill, young people are gaining confidence and promoting physical and mental health. I was very pleased to meet the team behind the Larder Cook School Projects.”