Hyslop Welcomes Reinstated X14 bus to Whitburn


SNP MSP, Fiona Hyslop’s campaign to reinstate the X14 First Bus Service from Whitburn to Glasgow has been successful and will return to its original route on Monday, December 5th 2011.

Fiona Hyslop met with First Bus Group’s Regional Manager, Mr Paul Thomas, wrote letters to his office and sent him a copy of her petition against the withdrawal of service X14; a petition which contained over a hundred local signatures. First Bus and Fiona Hyslop attended the bus route’s re-launch on Friday. (Nov 25th)

Ms Hyslop has commented;

“I am delighted with the announcement to reinstate the X14 bus service. This service was a vital link to Glasgow for many of the city’s ex-residents who now live in Whitburn and I am sure they will be extremely pleased with this decision.

“I explained to First Bus that many people moved to Whitburn from Glasgow and so still have family there and it is a key link for employment.”

“There are many people across Whitburn and beyond who have used this service when travelling to Glasgow and I hope that this will continue once the bus service has been reinstated so as not to fall victim to being cancelled at any point in the future.”