Hyslop Welcomes Single Police Force


SNP MSP for Linlithgow Fiona Hyslop has welcomed the Justice Secretary’s statement to the Scottish Parliament to create a single police and single fire and emergency force to safeguard the vital front line services.

Commenting, Ms Hyslop said;

“I believe that a single police force will enhance police services in West Lothian and will ensure these vital front line services are fit for the future. In effect it would give more centralised, operational power on policing to the individual communities for “F” Division covering West Lothian rather than having to defer to Lothian and Borders.

“This new system will also allow every councillor the ability to play a role in holding the police to account, giving every community direct contact with senior officers in West Lothian.

“Crime is currently at a 35 year low and with so many extra local police officers patrolling our streets, a new single police force and fire service can only further deliver safe and strong communities right across West Lothian.