Hyslop Welcomes Superfast Broadband Boost for West Lothian


Hyslop Welcomes Superfast Broadband Boost for West Lothian  

Local Constituency MSP, Fiona Hyslop has welcomed the Scottish Government’s roll out of superfast broadband which is benefitting 94% of people in West Lothian.

Superfast broadband coverage in West Lothian prior to the SNP Scottish Government’s intervention through the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme was less than 73% as Broadband is still reserved to Westminster. Following Scottish Government action, the percentage of premises with access to fibre broadband in West Lothian is 94% putting West Lothian and Scotland well on course to meeting the 100% coverage target by 2021.

Fiona commented;

“A lack of sufficient internet access can be detrimental to local businesses and community connectivity; it is an issue I am approached about as a constituency MSP regularly.

“With this extra investment from the Scottish Government, now 94% of residents in West Lothian is already benefitting from superfast broadband as opposed to less than 73% prior to the Scottish Government Roll Out.

“This is a welcome investment which is allowing better connectivity across West Lothian and could ultimately result in a boost in our local economy and our small business sector.”





Full data available at: https://news.gov.scot/resources/broadband-la