Hyslop Welcomes Transformative Childcare and Social Care Pledges

Hyslop Welcomes Transformative Childcare and Social Care Pledges

Fiona Hyslop MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency has welcomed the news that West Lothian Families are set to benefit from transformative child and social care pledges as set out by the First Minister at SNP Conference earlier this week. (Tuesday 15th Oct)

Nicola Sturgeon announced that the SNP will scrap all non-residential social care charges and expand childcare into the school holidays for primary pupils from the poorest backgrounds if re-elected at the 2021 election.

Fiona commented,

“By August next year the SNP in government will have all but doubled the hours children receive. It will give them 30 hours a week of high quality, free care and education – saving families in West Lothian £4,500 per year for each child.

“These new polices pledged by the First Minister will ensure everyone across West Lothian will has access to the support they need without cost – providing high quality care for those in most need, and helping parents continue working over holiday periods.

“It is clear that this SNP Government is committed to help families with the cost of living throughout their lifetimes – ensuring that fairness and equality are embedded in our society from birth to retirement.”