Hyslop Welcomes West Lothian Council Budget


SNP MSP for Lothians, Fiona Hyslop has welcomed the news that West Lothian Council is the first local authority to set next year’s budget.

Ms Hyslop said;

“West Lothian Council have agreed to freeze the Council Tax for a fourth year – this is great news and I am delighted that this was made possible from the Scottish Government fully funding the freeze.

“I am very pleased at the £3 million proposal to provide housing for the elderly in Broxburn, to help drive forward class size reduction, and to ensure that a safer neighbourhood unit will be fuelled by 21 additional police officers.

“The SNP led West Lothian Council has worked hard to consult with the public in having to deal with cuts caused by the fiscal mismanagement of the last UK Labour Government.

“We all know times are hard for public finances but West Lothian Council have proved that they want to protect hard working family budgets and I congratulate them for being able to guarantee no compulsory redundancies despite the severe pressures in the budget.

“By maintaining important services introduced by West Lothian Council like “Free Bulky Uplifts”, “24 Breakfast clubs”, increased provision of free school meals and quality early years education, Councillor Peter Johnston is demonstrating how effective the SNP run West Lothian Council has been and will continue to be.

“The Scottish Government has valued the contribution of local government. Although times are tough, much of this positive action is due to the Scottish Government protecting local government with a budget reduction of only 2.6% compared to an average of 6.4% that other areas are having to implement.”