Hyslop Welcomes Winchburgh Girls Group to Parliament

Hyslop Welcomes Winchburgh Girls Group to Parliament

Local MSP Fiona Hyslop welcomed members of the youth group Winchburgh Girls Allowed into Parliament on Wednesday (Nov 13th) and gave them a tour of the Holyrood building.

Winchburgh Girls Allowed was developed in response to the needs and interests of young women who were attending other youth groups in the village approximately 5 years ago. Members range from age 11 – 15 years and they take part in organising different activities including outdoor and fitness challenges, STEM activities and baking.

The girls are also keen to take an active part in influencing decision makers and are actively working towards the formation of a Youth Forum to ensure young people play an active part in influencing future developments in their fast growing village.

Fiona said,

“I met a few of the Girls Allowed Group earlier this year as Year of Young People Ambassadors. It was a very insightful and inspiring evening listening to them talk about their experiences of 2018’s Year of Young People.

“I looked into a number of constituency concerns they had and also invited them to see round the Parliament building.

“It was a real pleasure to see these smart young women again and to hear their interests and questions about our Parliament building and how it worked. They are very committed and dedicated to developing new skills and helping others and I am more than happy to support their work.”