Local MSP, Fiona Hyslop attends COP26 GLOBE Legislators’ Summit

Local MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency, Fiona Hyslop, attended the COP26 GLOBE Legislator’s Summit for international parliamentarians hosted by the Scottish Parliament on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of November.

The Summit explored the role of parliaments across the globe in the climate emergency and explored issues including how to accelerate climate action, the delivery of a green economy and a fair and resilient recovery from Covid-19.

Prior to the Summit in the Scottish Parliament, GLOBE International partnered with the Children’s Parliament to create ‘The Moment’, an event designed to give young people from across Scotland a chance to share their thoughts on climate change with their local MSP. As part of ‘The Moment’, Fiona spoke with modern studies pupils at Linlithgow Academy to hear their ideas on tackling climate change and answer their questions on COP26.

Fiona commented;

“I was pleased to be part of this Summit which brought together legislators from across the globe to discuss the important issue of climate change with the recognition that we have lessons to learn from each other as we come together to tackle an issue which has a global impact.

“The Moment event also provided a great opportunity to meet with the young people of West Lothian and hear their views on this important issue. I believe young people’s voices are essential in our approach to climate change, and I was grateful for the opportunity to hear from students at Linlithgow Academy.

“COP26 must ensure that all leaders work together on a global approach to climate emissions, mitigation and adaption which brings together the Global South and the Global North.

“We must take this opportunity to learn from those who are experiencing the effects of climate change now and ensure a Just Transition which leaves no one behind, nationally or globally.

“COP26 has provided an opportunity for legislators from across the globe to come together with civil society and others to listen, engage and understand the climate issues we are facing, and we must act swiftly to tackle climate change now.”