Local MSP, Fiona Hyslop, Highlights Aldi Bathgate’s Deposit Return Scheme in Parliament

On Tuesday 14th of December, during a Ministerial Statement on the implementation of the Deposit Return Scheme in Scotland, Fiona Hyslop MSP, highlighted the impressive work of Aldi Bathgate in trailing a deposit scheme trial.

Aldi in Bathgate has proactively begun a trial, in which the store accepts bottles and cans in exchange for vouchers for the business. Aldi plan to use feedback from customers using the scheme to inform their plans as it prepares to for the nationwide roll out.

As well as highlighting the work of Aldi Bathgate, Fiona asked the Minister what support is available from the Scottish Government for businesses who wish to trial the scheme prior to the Government’s official launch date.

Fiona has also written to Aldi Bathgate to congratulate them on their proactive establishment of a trial in West Lothian and to offer her support.

Fiona commented:

“I am delighted that Aldi in Bathgate have decide to implement a trial Deposit Return Scheme in West Lothian. The learning which Aldi should gain from this, will allow for a more successful implementation when national roll-out occurs.

“I asked the Government what support is available to businesses who want to proactively implement schemes before mass roll-out, and I am pleased to hear that the Government is working with retailers on how they may support this.

“The trial is welcomed in West Lothian, and I wish Aldi success with this. I have also written to Aldi to offer my support and congratulations as the local MSP.”


Link to the official report: https://www.parliament.scot/api/sitecore/CustomMedia/OfficialReport?meetingId=13473