Local MSP, Fiona Hyslop Praises Work of Boghall Drop-in Centre

Local MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency, Fiona Hyslop, praises the hard work and dedication of the Boghall Drop-in Centre team, particularly throughout the course of the pandemic.

Fiona visited the Boghall Drop-in Centre to hear of their plans for Christmas and how the organisation adapted to the pandemic and the needs of the local population.

The Boghall Drop-in Centre is a community led organisation which helps everyone from young children to the elderly in Boghall and beyond. The small team at the Centre worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to provide meals and services to all, with no barriers to access.

Coming up to Christmas, the team are doing daily raffles and daily Christmas story time, Elf Academy activities, pensioner meals and providing Christmas toys and hampers. 

Fiona commented:

“Boghall Drop-in Centre has done an outstanding job at adapting to the pandemic and the ever-changing needs of the population they serve. The efforts of the small team have benefitted many, from the young to the old.

“It was great to visit, and hear all about the Drop-in Centre’s Christmas plans, and during my visit I was invited to read a Christmas Story for the children and announce that day’s winners of the Christmas raffle.

“The small team at the Drop-in Centre are dedicated to helping everyone in the community and have managed to adapt to the pandemic and continue to help those who need it through a difficult and challenging period by sheer determination and innovation. I look forward to seeing what the Centre achieves in the future.”