Local MSP Raises Brexit Impact on Scottish Businesses in Parliament with £74.5m loss in West Lothian

Local MSP for the Linlithgow Constituency, Fiona Hyslop, highlighted the continuing adverse impact of Brexit on Scotland’s key economic sectors, in the Scottish Parliament 

Fiona raised the growing issues faced by Scottish exporters in trading with countries in the EU with the Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise, Ivan McKee MSP, during Finance and Economy Portfolio Questions on 18th January. Fiona highlighted the severe and continuing impacts of Brexit. 

According to research by Aston University, in the first 15 months that followed the Brexit deal, UK exports to the EU fell by an average of 22.9%, while figures from HMRC in November showed that exports had dropped 13% in the past two years from £16.7bn to £14.5bn. The £2.2bn loss is equivalent to £74.5 million in West Lothian alone.  

Fiona commented:  

“The adverse economic impact of Brexit on Scotland’s economy is becoming more and more apparent by the day: businesses are struggling with the bureaucracy around new customs procedures and EU trade has become needlessly more difficult and costly.  

“The impact of this on communities and individuals is extreme: in West Lothian, the direct loss in exports caused by Brexit has cost businesses £74.5m. Those businesses that export are more likely to also be innovative so Brexit is also damaging business innovation.  

“The figures are clear that Brexit is causing unacceptable damage and with the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties now embracing Brexit the only political way for businesses in Scotland to be able to fully access the EU single market, the biggest in the world, is for Scotland to join the EU as an independent state.” 




Area                                   Population                       Lost Export Value 

Scotland                            5,479,900                         £2.2 billion 

West Lothian                   185,580                             £74.5 million