Local MSP Talks Fashion Sense to Re-use and Recycle and Highlights West Lothian Stores

Fiona spoke in a Scottish Parliament Member’s Business Debate brought to the Chamber by Stephanie Callaghan MSP, titled Circular Fashion: Looping the Thread on Thursday 12th January.

During the debate Fiona highlighted the opportunities for businesses and consumers across Scotland as the Circular Fashion industry in Scotland continues to grow.

Commenting after the debate, Fiona said:

“An alarming 32% of Scotland’s carbon impact comes from textile waste so it is clear that this is an issue which must be addressed if Scotland is to reach our goal to be Net Zero by 2045.

“Fast Fashion which is the selling of cheaper products, often produced globally and then purchased over the internet with excessive returns using many carbon miles, not only contributes to Carbon waste but also leads to high water consumption and poor working conditions with exposure to harmful chemicals used in production. Many consumers shopping with fast fashion brands will also notice that the quality of the products can be poor leading to more waste and garments needing to be replaced more often.

“However, there is great opportunity here for all of us to change the way we shop for clothing to benefit the environment.

“There are many options to buy pre-loved items, rent clothing or restore your own pieces and I was glad to highlight some businesses who offer these services in my speech.

“I was particularly pleased to highlight the excellent work of the West Lothian Foodbank Charity Shops. The stores in Whitburn and Armadale take clothing donations, saving textiles from landfill, and sell on pre-loved items allowing locals to purchase clothing in a sustainable way. The sales from both stores also support the Foodbank allowing locals to shop sustainably while supporting their local community.

“I would encourage everyone to consider reusing, recycling and restoring their clothing to ensure we can bring down Scotland’s emissions and continue to work towards a cleaner, greener future.”



Link to official report – https://www.parliament.scot/chamber-and-committees/official-report/search-what-was-said-in-parliament/meeting-of-parliament-12-01-2023?meeting=14084&iob=127614