Update on St John’s Children’s Ward

Update on St John’s Children’s Ward

Hyslop Welcomes Outcome of Independent Lothian Paediatric Review
Independent Review calls for the Retention of 24/7 Services at St Johns

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Local Constituency MSP for Linlithgow, Fiona Hyslop has welcomed the Report from the Independent Review of Paediatric Services across Lothian, which has called for the retention of 24/7 services at St John’s Hospital in the short and medium term.

The Review Team’s Report specifically states that, “The Review team`s overarching view is that the population, activity and demand for a full obstetric service in West Lothian merits the retention of inpatient paediatrics at St John`s.

Commenting on the Report, Fiona said;

“This is a fantastic result for the families and young people of West Lothian. The Review Team echoed the concerns and challenges that the West Lothian SNP Group highlighted in our full submission to them in January this year. They have said in their report that ‘The size of the population served, the volume of work carried out, and the need for a full maternity service are strong reasons for this recommendation’ to retain 25/7 Services at St John’s.

“I was also pleased to read that the Report further calls for a Board Level Champion to Chair a ‘Children’s Board to oversee any issues relating to Children’s Services in Lothian and a recommendation that NHS Lothian commit to a 3-5 year strategic plan for the future of St John`s inpatient paediatric service and the workforce that meets the needs of patients and includes investment in new ways of working.

“The West Lothian SNP group met formally with the Review Team in January to highlight the importance of Children’s Services at St John’s and we handed over a comprehensive Submission for them to consider. To my knowledge, other groups chose not to do this and instead chose to scaremonger the West Lothian Public via the media. The difficulties this caused in articulating communications to the public has been noted in the Review Team’s Report and I hope this serves as a strong warning to those who would rather spend their time playing politics with our Children’s Health than contributing to the best possible outcome for our children and young people.

“The NHS Lothian Board is still to make its decision following the recommendations of the Report and I am meeting the CEO next week to impress on him the need to resource the recommendations made.”


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