Hyslop Supports Fight Against Hunger

Monday, 24 May 2010


Fiona Hyslop MSP is backing Concern Worldwide’s campaign to support poor women in their fight against hunger

Fiona Hyslop MSP for Lothians is backing Concern Worldwide’s ‘Women Can’t Wait’ campaign.

International humanitarian agency, Concern Worldwide launched their ‘Women Can’t Wait’ campaign in the Scottish Parliament last week.

The campaign launch, hosted by long standing champion of humanitarian issues, Jack McConnell MSP, provided a platform for the unheard voices of women marginal farmers in the developing world by calling on the UN and world leaders to act now to support poor women who are working to defeat hunger.

The ‘Woman Can’t Wait’ campaign draws attention to the fact that, despite commitments made by world leaders in 2000 to ‘end poverty by 2015’, for the first time in human history there are over a billion people going to bed hungry every night and the majority of these are women.

Ms Hyslop said:

“I am pleased to back Concern Worldwide’s Women Can’t Wait Campaign and to be adding my voice in support for women in their efforts to defeat hunger.

“In developing countries, women are responsible for growing 80% of their country’s food, however they are often ignored and pushed aside by policies aimed at tackling rural poverty. Hunger is also the single biggest risk to health worldwide – greater then AIDS, TB and Malaria combined.

“These women play a vital role in the fight against hunger and their efforts are too often unrecognised. That is why it is so important to ensure the voices of these women are heard and why I am happy to fully lend my support to the campaign.”

Speaking after the event, Rose Caldwell, Executive Director at Concern Worldwide (UK) said:  “Today, for the first time in human history, there are over a billion people going to bed hungry every night. Despite commitments to improve gender equality, we know that the majority of these are women. This is because when times are hard women eat last and least. It is unacceptable that even though poor women produce a majority of food, they make up the majority of the world’s hungry. If we are to tackle the blight of hunger, poor women need to be recognised and supported in their fight against hunger”


For further information please contact Joanne Smith on: 0141 221 3610 / 0782 444 7800 or joanne.smith@concern.net

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