Hyslop Welcomes Heart Health Checks

SNP MSP for Lothians, Fiona Hyslop has welcomed the news announced at the SNP Conference in Aviemore this weekend that this autumn shall see the start of Universal Health Checks for those aged 40 – 74 in West Lothian.

Commenting, Ms Hyslop said:
“This is great news for the people of West Lothian as it will help to identify heart disease, diabetes and signs of a stroke at a much earlier stage.
“I am confident that wherever the pilot services take place it will show positive steps towards creating a healthier region and a healthier Scotland.
“This health check is universal and will benefit everyone in West Lothian between the ages of 40 and 74 and I strongly urge my constituents to take advantage of this scheme when it comes in to play later in the year.”

This is an extension of an existing programme ‘Keep Well’ which targets the most deprived areas. Making it universal (within this age group) will see an extra 105,000 people in Scotland benefit, taking the total to around 170,000. It will also greatly assist in medical research, giving a far more detailed picture of effectiveness of general heart check-up for the first time.

The pilot will be set up in autumn this year with the first patients receiving their ‘Heart MOTs’ in 2011.

For more info, see the Government press release:

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