Hyslop Welcomes Zero Waste Plan


SNP MSP for Lothians, Fiona Hyslop as welcomed the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Plan, published today. (09.06.10)

The plan sets out key actions, including new targets, to tackle the near 20 million tonnes of waste produced by Scotland every year. It aims to drive change and inspire households, businesses, community groups, local authorities and the wider public sector to change the way they view and deal with waste. (1)

Commenting on the announcement, Ms Hyslop said:

“In West Lothian, we are very environmentally aware. On the whole our recycling efforts are impressive and many of us were keen to take part in such initiatives as WWF’s Earth Hour in March this year.

“Even in schools, pupils are actively involved in global issues; 89 out of our 104 schools in West Lothian have won Eco Awards for their attitudes to the environment.

“Although we have made significant progress in West Lothian, it is good to see that the Government’s Zero Waste Plan goes even further to work towards a greener, zero waste Scotland.”



(1) The plan proposes a new way of looking at the materials Scotland produces – recognising everything designed, produced and used is a resource which has a value. It will introduce ‘radical’ new measures, including:

  • Landfill bans for specific waste types, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and capturing their value
  • Separate collections of specific waste types, including food (to avoid contaminating other materials), to increase reuse and recycling opportunities and contributing to the Scottish Government’s renewable energy targets
  • Two new targets that will apply to all waste: 70 per cent target recycled, and maximum five per cent sent to landfill, both by 2025
  • Restrictions on the input to all energy from waste facilities, in the past only applicable to municipal waste
  • Encouraging local authorities and the resource management sector to establish good practice commitments and work together to create consistent waste management services, benefiting businesses and the public

Other key measures in the plan include:

  • Development of a Waste Prevention Programme for all wastes, making prevention and reuse central to actions and policies
  • Improved information on different waste sources and types highlighting further economic and environmental opportunities
  • Measure the carbon impacts of waste to prioritise the recycling of resources which offer the greatest environmental and climate change outcomes

To see the Government press release in full go to:


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